“1922” 2017 Stephen King Netflix Horror Movie Review – Hail to Stephen King LIVE!

“1922” 2017 Stephen King Netflix Horror Movie Review – Hail to Stephen King LIVE!

Fuego gives his thoughts on the new adaptation of yet another Stephen King property available on Netflix starring Thomas Jane, “1922”!


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Geek Media Corps says:

1922 was maybe the most faithful Stephen King adaptation I've ever seen. It was damn near page for page until the last 20 seconds. Thomas Jane was wonderful. He has my vote (has for awhile) as Roland when they try Dark Tower again in a decade.

the real zeldamaster of minecraft says:

Have you ever read cell

Kevin Griffin says:

Bored Cecil????????

jeff kittleson says:

I think the older crowd likes this movie much more than the younger crowd who thinks it’s to slow with PG-13 violence or themes. You know just the scenario of a dad and his 14 year old son killing his mom would be enough without blood to be rated R back in the 80’s early 90’s. That was a bloody scene and my phobia of rats made it one of the scarier movies I can remember. I’m so frightened of rats and when the one came out of her mouth I knew it was gonna be a rough 2hours. Great horror movie which deserves a 3 out of 4. Someone with ADD probably will hate the movie and would love a movie like the new Saw movie. Oh yeah and by the way I enjoyed the new Blair Witch in theaters then watched it on cable to realize that was a very average to maybe even below average movie. Top 5 LOL

eduardo torres says:

I enjoy a lot the 1922 where father & son lives slowly getting ruined. I did enjoy GG more than this movie.

Zach Graves says:

Hi guys, thanks for all the reviews and time spent on just putting horror out there. I didn’t even realize 1922 came out but I will check out Gerald’s Game then maybe 1922 after. I’m in NYC and a huge fan and would love to be part of the community out here and as a whole. Any suggestions, events, activities you guys know about that can help me become a contributor to the genre? Thanks!

Mark Pearson says:

Gutted I missed the live stream again, I fell asleep, great show guys

Survivor2002 says:

I wrote my review almost immediately after watching…once it's posted, I'll be sure to put the link up…

Anthony Kulik says:

I liked 1922 alot. I loved the look of the film, the feel, Thomas Jane did a good job. What a horrible tragic end of a family and break down of a man. I loved the look of it, u really believed it was 1922. I felt so bad for the poor cow they sacrificed ??

Shoot McKay says:

Thanks for the shoutout! I never thought it was a slowburn. I love stories that requires a bit of patience because they are usually more rewarding in the long run. But I never felt this was a slow movie to be honest. but it might be if you´ve read the novella. I found that with every adaptation that you have a prior history with you often feel it might even move too fast. Not in this case. I thought it had a nice pace to it for a story that deals with descent into madness

John Dunn says:

The ending… Why did they change the ending…?

Christy Jones says:

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to watching this adaptation. 🙂

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