12 Strong – Movie Review

12 Strong – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews 12 Strong, starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Navid Negahban, Elsa Pataky, Rob Riggle, Trevante Rhodes, Taylor Sheridan, Geoff Stults, Austin Stowell. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig.



TLW918 says:

This was possibly the worst movie Ive seen in the past year. I dont know how you rated this a B and Den of thieves a C. Regardless of weather Den of thieves is a "blatant Heat Ripoff" or not, there is no possible way 12 Strong was a Better movie. Weak character development, Taliban clone troopers, bad dialogue, infinite magic magazines, and terrible shootout scenes make this 2 hour and 10 minute movie that seemed like it droned on for 3 hours not worth the time it takes to see it. I love you Chris, but Imma have to disagree ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ChiliContestWinner says:

Supermodel leads 11 guys to fight 50k Taliban soldiers that have been fighting for over 20 years, defeated the Russians and now can't aim straight to save their lives. Supermodel becomes a warrior in the process the other 11 guys are playing grab ass somewhere else. The end.

Joshua Osborne says:

Taliban were real life stormtroopers. They didn’t even know how to aim down sights.

t5 Heath says:

Fuck this movie and the USA. these bullshit war movies make me sick.

t5 Heath says:

Does the movie also show the US soldiers treating people in the Middle east like sup human?

t5 Heath says:

Does this movie include the US killing thousands of innocent people in the middle east? thats what i want to see.

Saad Md says:

9/11 was done by Jews Mossad. Stop bullshitting by blaming Taliban.. Although I don't support extremist Taliban..

jsvm10301 says:

The Taliban are like Storm troopers, they can't aim at all. Lol.

james williams says:

..best jaunary movie, Gran torino.. clint is the man!

Rafael Tatay says:

He's such a GREAT reviewer!!!!

Mark Mueller says:

Seeing it tomorrow lol

Dougy doug says:

The funny thing is if you google: 12 strong cast. Google only shows you 11 people xD. pffhahaahhaa

Jake Stewart says:

Sometimes I don’t watch the review I just try to guess the grade. Lol

no name says:

The 12 terrorosts that killed Taliban members in cold blood but really should've taken revenge on usa as it was usa that orchestrated the 9/11 horror. To enter another country so they can invade. That's the real story. Who ever believes this junk movie is lost in their arrogance and stupidity.

Astrid Sosa says:

Can you please review The Greatest Showman?

Brian Woods says:

Am I the only one who is wondering where the hell your review of darkest hour is? ?

Alec McGrath says:

Can you review "A Walk Among The Tombstones"!? I'm surprised you haven't yet. And I'm pasting this comment on all of your new videos until you do, or acknowledge me. LOL!

Filipe Gomes says:

Another propaganda Crapfest! Seriously who the hell still eats this garbage about 9/11? Are US Americans really this fucking stupid? Oh wait Trump is president… Never mind…

Adith Kuro says:

Please review The Gratest Showman.. that movie is my favorite

michael ponder says:

Fun fact: The Taliban and most fighters in that region cannot shoot for shit much like storm troopers. Good friend of mine would tell me stories all the time about how you could just be standing around, start hearing shots and see stuff all around you being hit, turn around and see some taliban fighter in the middle of the street 30 yards away with an AK firing wildly from the hip while screaming at you, and you just take them out in a couple shots.

jfitz0716 says:

The book “13 Hours” was amazing. I turned the movie off 30 mins into it. Completely miscast movie and very poorly adapted.

Ronald Figueroa says:

My son told me that you have the same t-shirt of the previews video and ask me if you don't take a shawer. hehehehehehehe

Tomiply says:

Awesome Samus shirt.

Clark Parker says:

Wait! Did I just see Rob Riggle?

ryaan Asady says:

Regarding about how the men dont standout, its actually pretty accurate. If a soilders stands out he is gonna have a lot of attention at him and that can be both good and bad. Regarding film wise well there was only so much they could put in it. If you want to know about these guys go read the book it was based on

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