10 TRULY Creepy Unsolved Cases (Unsettling Compilation #1)

10 TRULY Creepy Unsolved Cases (Unsettling Compilation #1)

10 TRULY Creepy Unsolved Cases (Unsettling Compilation #1)
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Luigis says:

The woman was identified in Steptember.

bonnie brindle says:

The mother was hung from the trees. She had something wrapped around her neck.

Creepypastaof horror says:

I live in Rahway

Anjelica Santillan says:

I love your videos! Pertaining to the case of Ruth Cooper, her first name is pronounced "Rooth." Just thought I'd help you out with that ? I think Diana Robertson's daughter meant that her mom was in the woods when she said her mom was "in the trees." It's pretty amazing that a two year old would be able to give that type of statement.

Tamara Figge says:

This sounds like one of the Rippers murders.

RayneSaltair says:

OMG did you say you watched Twilight? My condolences no man should have to suffer through that.

lia ODriscoll says:

Interesting channel ..You should do a video on the case of Channon Christian and Chris Newson

Condot Maroddi says:

"Twilight movie 2008"? With Stewart? Boring. Give me some real scary stuff like Toolbox Murders when Coffin Birth reacted to the loud noise.

Christine Gatto says:

I live near Rahway, NJ where the Rahway Murder happened. The woman's body was displayed in a storefront window for a few days in an attempt to identify her. Hundreds of people filed past to take a look. It was thought at that time that she was not a local, but maybe a servant woman from out of town, as a train station is nearby.

a little too saucy says:

Can't wait for the Mount Everest vid, very intriguing!

Richard Aaron says:

Just getting around to this video today but I am psyched 45 minutes of Creepy Unsolved Cases read by Ranil… This is going to be awesome!

HAL TheBirdLady says:

Calculated is the right word for it. I remember that case, her being in the library. What stands out to the most is it only took one stab. A boyfriend in med school would know exactly where to stab. Wonder if she told him she's pregnant or something. Wouldn't be the first time, pregnant or not(Maybe she just suspected she could be) that the lover does it. I think that's what led Maura Murray up to where she was and the "death in the family " was probably her unborn child. That one was probably a professor, she may have changed her mind, and he decided to do her in.

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

That's a great surprise with the long video! First I thought this is an error, lol.
I love the loner ones, otherwise I have to search for the next all few minutes.
Thank you, that's a great idea!

Natalie baby says:

I'm sooooo freaked out right now I'm home alone ..

Crystal Velasquez says:

I usually have to make a playlist for your videos because they are over fast lol this one I can put down and listen for awhile! Love it

theweaselist says:

this is fucking awesome dude! 44 minutes! i love your videos i watch all of them when they come out and this is pure gold thank you for all your hard work!

Bunny Johnson says:

Thank you for the video! Awesome job as always Ranil. Hope you have a great weekend! Can't wait for #2

krot shomglin says:

what is your real name and what country r u in?

krot shomglin says:

wow sir! I am a big fan of yours! I wish you could come to Vidcon in Anaheim so I can finally meet you!:)

Condot Maroddi says:

I said it before, everybody carry a gun wherever you go. Had the roofer/trapper had his pistol with him he would be alive today and the turd would be found with his signature tube sock stuck up his ass. Better the police find you with your pistol than some homicidal freak find you without it.

RoxAnn Hope Ford says:

lol my first tattoo was my name on my calf haha!! Only for identification purposes if found in a ditch lol.. Life goals huh? lol jkjk

Anmorata Dovahkiin says:

A beautiful voice from cyber space lol ?

Epic Dyslexic says:

Warning! I'm about to get super dark! ??

Okey dokey! Anyone who murders, rapes, molests or otherwises does some kind of savage fuckerery should be in placed in a sort of reform prison program that is also a therapy program, but hold on! Not for the prisoner but for victims, it will allow victims/survivors to torture prisoners who have committed crimes that relate to the victim, and once the prisoner has been tortured by too many people and is of no use for the therapy any longer, they are on to phase 2, donation of organs. If for any reason they are ineligible for the therapy program then they are perfect candidates for medical testing, no reason to ever test on innocent animals ever again.

Lakisha Smith says:

Wow I finally have sumthing interesting to look at this afternoon. Thanks for the upload. Please make more videos like this???

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