10 Creepy Cases of Abduction (Unsettling Compilation #3)

10 Creepy Cases of Abduction (Unsettling Compilation #3)

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CreepyNews says:

This weeks upload contains 10 creepy abduction cases, fits well for this friday the 13th.
Thank you for checking out todays video, have a great weekend and as always have sweet dreams!
P.S If you've watched this entire video you must really like creepynews heh??? lol
I spend the entire freaking day editing this whole video together so please give it a like or something.

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

I really love these long videos!
Even if I don't always have the time to write a long comment.

Arpeggio says:

Adam Walsh's father is John Walsh, the Host of America's Most Wanted.

Classic Cars Classic Rock says:

I think it is Floyd connected to the bodies in the barrel case. I woman and 3 little girls shoved in barrels found in the woods years back.

Christine Gatto says:

Jeffrey Dahmer is pronounced DAH-mer.

SuperStrik9 says:

You didn't need to tell us the second case was British. The teeth are a dead giveaway. 😉

Erin McGrath says:

Please do a video on the disappearance of Alexandria Lowizter!

Anmorata Dovahkiin says:

Very interesting, the first one is so crazy!!

a little too saucy says:

Glory holes, shafts…brb I need a cold shower….

Emily Garcia says:

Woohoo! Super long video!! Great choice of cases for this video, I haven’t heard of the majority of these. Very interesting cases!

Alison McGoff says:

What a lot of work and research you did for this video! Hup Ranil and CN.
These poor children and their parents are now in my immediate thought

Scandinavian Ewok says:

like your videos but you always sound angry

Cod Kitty says:

Thank you for the long video, definitely helps me stay awake at work ? & I really like your voice ? lol

Yvonne Wilson says:

Like your show , Bondi Bond – eye

Coffinbirth Cutie says:

Amazing video!

Bunny Johnson says:

About to sit and chill for an hour of creepy news! And just realized it's Fri the 13! Great video for the date Ranil. Much love!

Jarryd Ceapa says:

This is very scary stuff…. thanks for the vid.?

elsa1942 says:

I think this is your longest video I've yet seen :3 no offense, of course! ^^;

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