‪When Your Baby Mama Dress Nasty!

‪When Your Baby Mama Dress Nasty!


Yfz450r says:

Those r some nice tits

Regina Stanford Sent her daughter in the room says:

Baby mama fine

Aaron Mckeever says:

Lmfaooo my workout gear

Double O says:

Baby Mama fine as hell tho

Dale Davis says:

Girlie is sexy as fuck. Dimples on ten. Breast nice. Skin complexion is totally awesome. Lol

A&K Estate says:

“You just tryna get some extra cash, with yo outta work ass”

DFromOutEast says:

You just trynna get some Extra Cash with yo outta Work Ass

CheifDiplomat92 says:

Lol!!! And you done bought plenty ??????

B. Griff says:

And you done bought plenty! Got em!

Eric McDaniel says:

Haha …… The way he said pussi , I felt it… He was annoyed

Brilan Taylor says:

Candace Ol Fine Ass ???

Damir McLean says:

She is fine asf

Mark Coleman says:

"Get some extra cash, wit ya outta work ass." ??????

jayraider521614 says:

That moment you look through all the women in his videos and realize….I NEED TO LEARN SOME JOKES!!!

Alicia Navarrete says:

Yall too funny!!

IAM says:

Candace gots PLENTY TITTY! ??

305 R.A.P says:

You done bought plenty

Darrell Simon says:

You need to put them Damn coconuts up ????????

David Delancy says:

& You Done Bought Plenty

extraordinary01 says:

BM got them good genes.

panzerman22 says:

She kinda look like chili from TLC.

Alex Scott says:

Damn Desi She got you on this one ?? but she is fine as hell tho Gawddamn

tonio stewart says:

what song was that starting at the very end

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